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A little about me...

Ever since I can remember - FOOD has been on my mind. 

I don't just mean the eating part, but also the creating part :)
One of my first memories is looking down at 
my muddy hands while feeling extremely content and accomplished. 

You see, I had just finished my master piece - a beautiful 3tiered mud cake decorated with wild berries and fresh flowers I had just picked. I had the best time in our backyard in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This is where I grew up. 

But don't be fooled! I was actually born and currently reside here on the 'One Happy Island' of Aruba. I do however admit that my little Dutch accent does sometimes hint to my Holland days. 

Traveling has always been a true passion and tasting foods from all over the world is a personal mission. So after graduating with high honors and awards from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Boston - Professional Pastry Program, my path was set.

A culinary career was my goal.

I believe that food is not just our source of energy, the fuel we simply need to survive. Food is and does so much more! We share, we celebrate, we honor, we inspire, we create memories - all through food. 

Chewnobaca's aim is to show that plant-based foods are delicious and that it is still possible to cook up amazing local Aruban dishes without using the traditional ingredients that are animal based. I believe that is the way forward, the way of the future is plant powered and I also believe that does not mean we need to loose our traditional flavors. Because trust me, plant-based is delicious - these hips and my waist don't lie!

As many of my friends and family say, I am in a serious and dedicated relationship with food.

I also share stories of my (life)travels via my blog

'a FARIable Life' and I am looking forward

to creating a MOOvement in
Culinary t





In Boston at CSCA
Pastechi's made with granny

Chewnobaca &          

a FARIable life creator



Permitimi conta un tiki di mimes....

For di chikito e unico pensamentonan cu ami tabata tin ta, CUMINDA :) 

No djies pa come pero tambe con pa crea platonan delicioso! 

Pami cuminda no ta solamente nos fuente di energia, locual nos mester pa por sobrebibi. Cuminda ta hopi mas! Y e tin yen di differente importancia den nos bida. Nos ta comparti, celebra, inspira y crea bunita recuerdonan tur atraves di cuminda. 

Mi a nace y actualmente ta residencia na nos Dushi isla di Aruba, 

mi a crece na Hulanda y semper mi a encanta biaha rond di mundo. 

Despues di a gradua cu honornan halto na CSCA - Cambridge School for Culinary Arts na Boston - Professional Pastry Program, mi tabata sa cu mi passion ta crea cuminda pa tur hende por disfruta di dje. 
Chewnobaca ta dedica na crea platonan cu ta liber di cualkier ingrediente di animal, mihor conoci manera cuminda cu ta

plant-based y vegano.

Pero no preocupa! Mi ta respeta cada persona su opinion y mi ta espera cu bo persona lo purba un di nos productonan. 

Paso lagami ta honesto, cuminda cu ta plant-based tambe ta dushi. Mi heupnan no ta ganja! 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chewnobaca &        

                                                                                                                               a FARIable life creator 

My 4th B-day, I proudly helped decorate the cake!
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