Mini Burger Box - 10 BOXES (minimum order)

Mini Burger Box - 10 BOXES (minimum order)

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Our Snack Boxes are 100% Plant-Based and the price per box is AWG 11.50 for 4 items (includes a fork and napkins).
MINIMUM order is 10 boxes








    1X Mini 'BBQ Black Bean & Quinoa' Burger
    1X Crioyo Kroket
    * Choose between:
    1X Neat Pastechi or 1X Neat Empanada or 1X Jackfruit Empanada
    *Choose your sweet item:
    1X Carrot Cake Square or 1X Cookies & Cream Cupcake 


    - Mini BBQ Black Bean Burgers:  contains Gluten (burger bun is  
      made with Wheat Flour) & Mustard
    - Crioyo Kroket: contains Flour (Wheat), Mustard & Soy
    - No-Meat Pastechi: contains Flour (Wheat), Walnuts, Mustard & Soy
    - No-Meat Empanada: Walnuts, Mustard & Soy
    - Carrot Cake Square: contains Flour (Wheat), Walnuts & Soy
    - Cookies & Cream Cupcake: contains Flour (Wheat) & Soy

    If you have any other allergy concerns, feel free to contact us via


    Delivery is INCLUDED!

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