Plant-Based MINI Sausage Roll - 10 PIECES

Plant-Based MINI Sausage Roll - 10 PIECES


Our take on a Sausage Roll! These mini rolls are made with vegan puff pastry are filled with our homemade plant-based sausage filling.

A deliciously savory treat!

Please take note that each order consists of 10 pieces. 

Be sure to select how you would like the 'Sausage' Rolls to be delivered - BAKED and ready to serve or FROZEN. 


    We charge a delivery fee of AWG 5.00 for orders under AWG 50.00
    If you pay online prior to the delivery, we waive the delivery fee! 

    Nos tin un delivery fee di AWG 5.00 pa pedido menos di AWG 50.00
    Si bo paga bo pedido online, nos lo entrega gratis!


    Our Plant-Based 'Sausage' Rolls contain Gluten and Soy.
    If you have any other allergy concerns, feel free to contact us via

    Nos Plant-Based 'Sausage' Rolls ta contene Gluten y Soy. 
    Si tin cualkier pregunta por semper contacta nos via